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Meth Action Coalition

Using ayahuasca to step addiction

The ayahuasca is a beverage which is made from the mixture of two plants originating in the Amazon, creeper ayahuasca or yagé ( Banisteriopsis caapi ), a kind of liana, and chacruna ( Psychotria viridis ), a bush with green leaves and elongated It contains a powerful hallucinogen called dimethyltryptamine (DMT). Soul-Herbs Hence, many times the effects of its consumption have been associated with that of some psychedelic drugs. Our pineal gland naturally secretes small amounts of DMT, but when consuming ayahuasca its levels increase in the brain and an altered or expanded state of consciousness is generated, which favors the perception of visions; something similar to what is experienced in REM sleep , but in a waking state. The infusion resulting from cooking the mixture of both plants with water for hours has been used for thousands of years by the Amazonian tribes as a fundamental ingredient in rituals - directed by the group's shaman - with the aim that the participants in the act find balance and achieve self-healing, since they considered that diseases had their origin in a spiritual imbalance, which could be corrected with this type of ceremony, which is part of traditional Amazonian medicine addiction treatment ayahuasca. How to take ayahuasca This drink must be taken as part of a ritual guided by an expert, who is usually a shaman. It should never be done alone, or in the company of people you don't trust. It is preferable to have followed a diet based on vegetables and fruits, and even fast on the day the session is to be held, because ayahuasca has a very bitter and acidic taste, and many people find it nauseous and vomiting. It is also advisable to have previously meditated to reach the experience with a calm mind.

Meth: Not Even Once

Our mission is to provide prevention education and community awareness on drug and alcohol abuse using the voice of concerned citizens, law enforcement and treatment professionals, and the testimonials of recovering addicts.

New book for the families of addicts:
A Very Fine House:
A Mother's Story of Love, Faith and Crystal Meth

Read about it HERE

Recent Past President of the Meth Action Coalition, Barbara Cofer Stoefen, has just released a book about her journey through her daughter's meth addiction and recovery. She shares what she learned, how she coped, and the details of how her daughter entered into recovery.  Available everywhere books are sold.

The Meth Action Coalition (MAC) is a grassroots organization in Central Oregon comprised of local citizens, business professionals, treatment professionals, and government agencies that have come together to fight the scourge of meth, and other drugs in our community. The Coalition grew out of a very successful Meth Summit, held at St. Charles Medical Center in November 2003, and was strengthened by subsequent summits in June 2005, June 2007, and December 2009 Nearly 400 people attended each session.

Since the Coalition's inception, great strides have been made in the fight against meth. Through the efforts of law enforcement, treatment providers and prevention educators, meth use has declined in Deschutes County. The battle is not over, however. Meth is still in circulation and continues to destroy individual lives, families, and endanger the community. The Oregonian has reported that Oregon meth-related deaths in 2013 were at all all-time high. Click here to see the article.

The Meth Action Coalition is helping decrease Meth, and other drug use, through prevention and awareness education in Deschutes County schools. Since 2008, we have given our Meth 101 presentation to over 13,000 students.

We appreciate your generous contribution to help us continue our work in educating young people about the life long damage that can result from drug use.