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Meth Action Coalition

Working to Stop the METH Epidemic in Deschutes County, Oregon


Recovery is Possible!

Stories shared by local recovering addicts:

You do not need to continue in the bondage of meth addiction (or any other addiction).  More is known today about addiction than ever before and there is help - and hope.  Long time addicts throughout Bend, and other areas of Central Oregon, are getting clean and staying clean.  Click here to download a pdf with some of their stories.


Recovery is possible!  Click here to view a video presentation titled, Life Interrupted:  The Battle Against Addiction.   This is a KOHD News Special where several recovering addicts in Central Oregon are interviewed.


Addiction is a disease that can be treated.  Click here to view a video presentation by Dr. Kevin McCauley where he describes what actually happens in the brain that causes addiction. 


Click here to to be directed to the website for Afflicted and Affected: Broadcasting to Build Recovery.  There you can listen to their March 29, 2010 radio broadcast which is an interview with addiction expert, Dr. Kevin McCauley.